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CHCB Transgender Health Clinic

CHCB Transgender Health Clinic
179 Pearl Street (CHCB's Pearl Street Youth Health Center)
Burlington, VT  05401
Appointments: (802) 864-6309


The Transgender Health Clinic welcomes patients seeking healthcare sensitive to the needs and concerns of individuals in the transgender community. This clinic is a safe and trans-affirmative space for patients to receive full-spectrum care including hormone replacement therapy as well as routine medical care.

The Community Health Centers of Burlington (CHCB) launched its Transgender Health Clinic in 2010.  This clinic is designed to meet the specific needs of transgender community residents. Led by CHCB's Rachel Inker, M.D., the clinic is providing comprehensive medical care to transgender patients at our Pearl Street Youth Health Center site in downtown Burlington.

"There's a very real and important need for this clinic in our community, and Dr.  Inker goes above and beyond with her care," said CHCB patient Jean-Denis. "She's literally saving lives."


Clinic Hours:

Thursdays....................................7:45 to 11am


To make an appointment, please call the Community Health Centers at (802) 864-6309 and ask to make an appointment for the Transgender Health Clinic.

The Community Health Center of Burlington is funded in part through a grant from the U.S. Health and Human Services Administration and generous community support.

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